Coaching Staff

EVA coaches work together to teach athletes the mechanics of good volleyball.  We believe that in order to build a strong program we need strong, consistent coaching principles at every level. By adhering to the same set of principles in volleyball and teaching consistent keys to the athletes at all age levels, we are creating a solid foundation for athletic development at any age.  All coaching staff are experienced volleyball coaches.


Practices are pre-planned and fast paced to keep athletes engaged and to maximize opportunity to have multiple volleyball touches.  It is important that your athlete make practices and work hard in order to stay involved with the agenda for growth.  Practices are geared toward maximum efficiency in competitive situations.  Team culture is centered on good teammate behavior and supporting your team regardless of the role being played, be it doing lines, competing or cheering for your team from the side.

Volleyball Camps 2021

Elite Volleyball Academy will be hosting our annual Gold Medal Squared volleyball camp  July 6-9, 2021.  Make sure you put this date onto your calendar!  These camps are fully comprehensive four day volleyball skills camps and sell out fast!  If you are interested: Email to get registered.  We believe this to be the best four day camp, hands down, that your athlete will attend all year!


Registering for EVA, Club Code WY47CA

If you are ready to register for EVA, please use the club code  button below, you will need to use our club code WY47CA.  This code makes sure you are connected to Elite Volleyball Academy and under our insurance program with AAU.  Stay tuned for 2021 sign up dates! If you cannot make it to registration, please email us at and we will get your athlete registered.

Register early for a summer 2021 camp

Each year EVA brings coaches from across the country to help us run a Gold Medal Squared camp, if you have attended our camps before you are eligible for a repeat athlete discount.  If you would like to sign your athlete up for camp (space is limited) please let us know, email  Camp is set for July 6 - July 9, 2021.

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Register for EVA

Register for Elite Volleyball Academy today!  Our club schedule runs from November 2020 through March/May 2021.  Contact us if you have any questions @  Let's play volleyball!