Our Approach

As a club, EVA is focused on our coaching methods.  With clear goal presentation and consistent teaching of keys for developing motor programs, athletes are allowed to practice volleyball skills effectively at all ages.  Our coaching staff focuses on teaching keys needed to effectively perform and excel in volleyball.  The coaches at Elite are top notch, with continued training taking place well after the club season has ended.  We are dedicated to giving your athlete the best that we have to give!

Our Story

Elite Volleyball is a group of like minded coaches who believe in a streamlined method for teaching athletes the keys of volleyball performance.  There are a lot of ways to coach volleyball.  We believe that the research and science behind the GMS coaching process is hands down the best way to teach volleyball to athletes. With the repeated success of programs running the GMS system, we have committed ourselves to working with olympic level coaches in order to improve what we bring to the Elite Volleyball Academy agenda.  We strongly believe in continuing our education and training through GMS. Our goal is to provide your athlete with coaches who are continually improving in order to create the optimal environment for your athlete.

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Join Elite Volleyball Academy

Email us at EliteVBallAcademy@gmail.com, or find us on facebook at www.facebook.com/PositiveVolleyball.