Why Choose Elite?

There are several volleyball clubs in Central Oregon, why choose Elite Volleyball Academy?

Elite Volleyball Academy has experienced coaches concerned with the task of helping athletes learn volleyball skills through consistent and proper coaching at all levels.

EVA has a set of "master coaches" who will oversee all age groups throughout the season to help maintain consistency throughout the age groups.

EVA uses focused methods to teach athletes in an environment where motor skills can be developed quickly and simply.  Practices are geared towards maximizing the athletes opportunity simplify movement and excel at volleyball.

The overall culture for Elite Volleyball Academy will be focused on learning, positive goal setting and development of motor programs needed to be effective at volleyball.  Our coaches are all committed to helping your athlete grow in the sport of volleyball!

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Sign up under EVA on AAU today!

Elite Volleyball Academy club code is WY47CA - it is important you sign your athlete up under that club code in order to be associated with EVA.  Your athlete MUST be a member of AAU to participate in club volleyball through EVA.